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2 ports Express DYNAMIC Dimensioning weighing scanning machine

Short Description:

The small visual scanning device is mainly used for manual pick-and -place of small parcels for express, e-commerce. Help to improve production efficiency,save labor cost.

Product Detail

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It has functions including 1D/2D code read, dimension scan and weighing.
Package type can be: paper box, wooden case, nylon / poly bag, envelope, irregular objects etc.

Our 2 ports Express DYNAMIC Dimensioning weighing scanning machine can be used for most of places such as:
1. Warehosue
2. Logistics
3. Small parcel courier weighing scan and sorting


Automatically reads barcodes and measures dimensions Dynamic weighing, available for large scale through put worked in conveying packing line.
Scanning efficiency 2400-4000 pcs/h.
Barcode scanning accuracy up to 99.9% for standard packages Barcode image captured for future tracking.
Real time uploading Data & photos to customer’s management system.
It's a necessary part for warehouse assemble sorting line in express distributor and warehouse automation.


Item Specification Remarks
Industrial computer Intel  I5  CPU  
Monitor Display 19.5 inch LCD
Smart Camera two 20 million pixels Barcode reader
Fill light MV-LB-230-230-4030WF  
Camera Lens MF-2028M-10MP 20mm
Linear structure light MV-DL1617-05L 3D camera
Weighing sensor Model type 100kg  
Keyboard & mouse Wireless  
Bracket /  
Buffering section L800*W800*H800m Customizable
Weighing section L1000*W800*H800mm Customizable
- -  
Overall size L1800*W1046*H2360mm  

Technical Parameters

Name Parameter
Efficiency 2400~4000 pcs/h
Weighing accuracy ±20g
Weighing range 0.3-60kg
Weighing mode Dynamic
Scanning Accuracy Standard barcode recognition rate is greater than or equal to 99.9% (≥9.5mil)
Standard barcode No pollution, Damage, Fine folds, Defects, Recognition rate 100%
Conveying speed 90m/min
Software interface HTTP, TCP, UDP, FTP, API, serial port
Software system Senad system
Temperature -20℃~40℃
Voltage 220V/50Hz,customizable
Diagnostic mode Remote/On-site
Picture collection Yes
Data download excel or picture format
Barcode readable 1D Codes: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, CodaBar, EAN, ITF25
2D Codes: QR Code, Datamatrix

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