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6 Sides Parcel Scanning Machine Dws System Logistic Volume Weighing Scale

Short Description:

Dimension weight scanning system (DWS) integrated weight measurement system, modular design, configuration and maintenance is simple, can help enterprises to solve the one-time weighing, volume measurement, bar code recognition, manual input, camera archiving and other five basic functions, the main application Logistics distribution and warehousing links. Dimensional weight scanner can capture any shaped parcel’s dimension and weight and store high-quality product images. In addition, you can scan the parcel labels with an integrated barcode scanner and configure the touchscreen to capture any parcel data using custom fields without needing a laptop.

Product Detail

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•  Main Features:

1. Improve the efficiency of the enterprise by more than 400%: the processing efficiency of 2500-5000 pieces per hour, a single device can handle 40,000-80,000 express parcels per day (calculated based on two shifts working 16 hours a day);

2. Reduce 70% of enterprise costs, and the ROI return period is only 2-3 months;

3. Reduce the physical labor intensity of employees;

4. Powerful and practical: It integrates automatic code scanning, weighing, volume measurement and tracking and tracing functions, and one machine can be used for four machines;

5. High barcode recognition rate: 99.9%;

6. One-key operation, high degree of automation and low error rate;

7. High precision, strong anti-interference ability, strong system stability;

8. Stable and high reliability. Modular design is adopted, and the core components adopt industrial-grade protection above IP65;

9. Easy to maintain: modular design, low maintenance requirements and costs, automatic alarm in case of failure;

10. Small footprint: The width of the dynamic DWS system is similar to that of the conveyor line, and there is basically no need to open a separate site;

11. Low energy consumption.


• Product Paramenters:

Main functions
1D/2D code scanning(six-sides scanning); weighting &volume measurement;
Package type
paper box; soft package; nylon bag; plastic bag; hard wooden box,.etc.
Scanning size
Mim. 50*50*20mm—-Max. 800*800*800mm(L*W*H)
Rating power
Working voltage
Fix Capability
2600–3600 Ps/hour
Code identify accuracy
Weighing range
Weighing accuracy
Equipment size
1660*1100*2600mm (L*W*H)
Application software
Senad DWS software
Support systerm
windows 7/10 or above; 32/64 bits
Software interface
HTTP; TCP; 485;


•  Our services:

1. Assemble and debug before delivery
2. Respond within 24 hours and proceed to deal with the problem.
3. 1 year free repair service (no-human damage only).
4. Overall warehousing solution provided

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