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Senad is a high-tech enterprise concentrated on research & development and production of high-end warehouse automation equipments which is located on Floor 10th, Bldg. 5, Lane 599, Huiwang East Road, Jiading district Shanghai.

With the rapid developing of e-commerece economy, labor intensive companies face the embarass situation that are "Labor shortage,Labor expensiveness and Labor difficulty", especially the express courier logistic companies.

Our ceo, Mr. Li Hua, decided to help overcome these difficulties by making full use of his professional knowledge and rich experiences in automation control.

Our equipments take machine vision deep learning algorithms and robotic motion control as the core,and image processing algorithms,artificial intelligence,pattern recognition,video analysis algorithms, ARM|FPGA|DSP embedded software and hardware development,industrial machine vision positioning,visual tracking,visual inspection,multi-sensor information fusion and other technical means integrated,to achieve the goal of "replacing manual labor with robot".
Technology makes production easier.

Our mission is to bring easier work, higher efficiency and lower cost to those companies with labor issues.We will constantly contribute in upgrading and developing new technologies according to practical application and provide high quality equipments and professional consultant services.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit Realistic, Innovative, United 

Business philosophy

People-oriented, Sustainable operation, Focus on integrity, Return to society

Service philosophy

Service Philosophy Thorough, Fast, Effective 

Quality Policy

Excellent quality, Continuous innovation, Image building, Customer satisfaction

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Senad was founded in 2012, the company is mainly engaged in industrial automation products.

In 2013, In order to meet the market demand, we constantly change and develop new products.

In 2014, continued to keep transforming and developing new products.

In 2015, It began to explore the application of onboard vision technology in logistics sorting.

In 2016, the first barcode scanning equipment of China is assembled. Soon later the first batch of barcode scanning equipment was put on the market. Meanwhile, exploring diversified functions according to customers' needs.

In 2017, The modular scanning of incoming pieces, weighing and scanning DWS three in one / four in one front-end sorting scheme series products will be put into the market one after another.

In 2018, three-sided scanning, five-sided scanning, six-sided scanning and weighing scanning equipments were optimized and upgraded and put into market. The Al intelligent model was initially completed.The company signed a cooperation agreement with Zhongtong Express Tibet branch and became the first batch of intelligent logistics equipment injected into Lhasa

In 2019, Successful research and development of single piece separation of new products.

In 2020, Successful research and development of new product spider hand supply bag,The development of digital intelligence cloud platform can realize real-time monitoring of equipment operation across the country.

In 2021,Set up sales R & D centers in Shenzhen and Wuhan;Sign school enterprise cooperation with Tongji University and set up a training base. In September, won the joint investment of 30 million yuan from China Merchants venture capital and China Merchants leasing