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Automated Sorting Conveyor System Dws System For E-commerce Logistic

Short Description:

The code scanning, weighing, measuring and sorting integrated machine is a fully automatic system that integrates dynamic weighing/volume measurement/bar code scanning/automatic sorting/cargo information processing. The system adopts laser scanning, dynamic belt scale and industrial code reading technology to meet the requirements of weighing, counting, code reading and sorting. The weight, volume, and barcode data of the goods can be obtained timely and accurately and uploaded in real time.

Product Detail

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Product Features:

1. High-speed and accurate, the system adopts automatic measurement and code reading technology, which can be used with high-speed conveying system to ensure accurate measurement of weight, volume, and barcode information;

2. Dynamic measurement technology, weight, volume, and bar code are all dynamic measurement, realizing online real-time measurement, throughput is greater than 2400 pieces/hour;

3. Modular design, the system adopts a modular design concept, which can meet the various needs of customers and provide a variety of application methods to facilitate customers to integrate into the existing assembly line.

4. Abundant software interfaces and customizable software.



For reference
Core Parts
3D/2D HD camera; eletronical scale; DWS software and systerm; photoelectric sensor etc.;
Main functions
1D/2D code scanning;weighting and sorting; volume measurement;
Code scanning way
TOP scanning;
Package type
includign paper box, soft package, nylon bag, thin envelope etc. most of parcels;
Scanning size
80*80*20mm~~600*600*700mm(Above 800mm please customize);
Width of Assembly line
Working voltage
Light condition
Out of direct sunlight or using indoors
Rating efficiency
2000-3600 pieces /Hour
Code identify accuracy
Weighing range
Average error
Software type
SENAD DWS software
Support system
windows 7/10 or above; 32/64 bits
Software interface
http; tcp; 485;


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