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Cross-belt Sorting Conveyor Line Automated Sorting Conveyor System

Short Description:

The sorting action is standardized, the impact on the package is small, and the goods can be sorted at a high speed for a long time. The structure is scientific and has noise reduction function. It can be connected with various information management systems and platforms of customers. Automatic weighing, automatic measurement of cargo size

Product Detail

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Quickly and accurately sort the parcels according to the custom grid, with high space utilization, high sorting efficiency and low error rate

★ Package size: L100mm x W100mm x H10mm~L400mm x W400mm x H350mm

★ Package weight: 0.1-10KG

★ Main line speed up to 2m/s

★ Sorting efficiency: 21600 orders/hour (12 people in two areas for bags)


•  System Features:

The equipment can run efficiently for a long time and improve the utilization rate of the site

It has successfully connected with the systems of various express e-commerce companies, and can be connected with various information management systems and platforms of customers. It has strong adaptability and diversified configurations, and can be customized according to user needs.

Support automatic code scanning and automatic weighing, saving production and management costs of enterprises


•  System advantage:

High cost performance: The equipment is reasonably designed according to the actual needs of express delivery outlets, and the configuration is simplified without reducing performance, and the cost performance of products is improved.

Customization and modularization: The overall planning can be customized according to the customer’s site, but it also ensures the modular design, which is both beautiful and practical, and can be installed or moved quickly.

Strong adaptability: the main line speed is 2.0m/s, which is more suitable for the type of package and the stability of the package

System stability: specially designed for the complex application environment of the network, the sliding contact line power supply is directly controlled to avoid the instability of the equipment caused by wireless interference

Support co-distribution: the sorting system supports the simultaneous sorting of multiple express companies


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