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High-Quality Weighing Scanning Machine Package Dimension Scanner Dws Sorting System

Short Description:

Small parcel dws is mainly used to measure dimension weight and scan barcode of parcle in logistics, e-commerce and other relevant industry.When a package is put on it manually, the data of weight, dimension and code will be collected,saved in local disk and uploaded to customers’ management system. These data can also be exported as excel file. Parcels can be sorted to two different destinations

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weighing and scanning code integrated machine, static weighing and scanning code integrated machine. This static weighing and scanning code integrated machine is used for the scanning and weighing of express barcodes and physical image acquisition and archiving when receiving and sending items at outlets. High-efficiency equipment can be directly connected to the assembly line, scanning and weighing can be completed online, or it can be directly transported to the original main conveyor belt after scanning, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Main Features

1、Used for small package reading and weighing

2、Collect package photos, support local storage and upload to system

3、Real-time uploading barcode and weight list to users' management system

4、Scanning rate is 99.99%

5、Efficiency is up to 1200-1800 parcels/hour


Description Specifications
Industrial computer I5 intel
Display 19.5 inches LCD
Barcode Camera 6 million pixels industrial camera
Keyboard and mouse Wireless
Dimension camera Dual 3D camera
Lens 12mm
Belt conveying speed 50-90m/min
conveyor motor 350-450W
Weighing accuracy ±10g
Weighing range 0.04-30kg
Dimension range 100*100*50mm~500*500*500mm
Dimension accuracy ±10/±15mm
Scanning efficiency 1200~1800 pieces
Recognition rate 99.9% (Normal packages)
Software interface http、TCP、RS485
Application Software SENAD DWS System
Weighing mode Static weighing
power supply Customizable
Remote diagnosis yes
Picture capturing yes
Overall size L650*W775*H2800mm
Readable barcodes Code 128, Code 39, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, ITF25, Codebar, QR code, DM code(ECC200)
Functions Read barcodes, weight, L*W*H dimensions, capture photos, convey at bi-directions, system connection

Pre-Sale Service

Professional sales staff will explain the product's efficacy and usage in detail,and provide you with suggestions according to the different situations of customers.

In-Sale Service

Professionals and training provide you with comprehensive technical consultation and training,fully understand the performance characteristics of the product,on-site training and practical exercises,So that you not only buy equipment, but also master the technology.

After-Sales Service

Specially equipped with a group of professional and experienced technical masters to provide full tracking services,answer various difficult questions and needs of customers,and help customers train technical personnel.

In-Sale Service

Europe, Central and South America,

Eastern Europe, Croatia, Russia,

Uzbekistan, Romania, North Macedonia,

Lithuania, Albania,Bulgaria,Serbia,

Ukraine, Poland.

Why Choose Senad

◆ High-tech manufacturer with research anddesign capacity

◆ Concentrated on DWS equipment and sorting warehousing system overall solution

◆ Related software and system are with patents

◆ Stable and mature supplying system

◆ Young active sales and engineers for instant services(16-20 hours online)

◆ Upgrading on mechanism according to ergonomics and easy maintenance

◆ Top quality sense, customers' requests come first

◆ Our structure design principle: easy maintenance & installation, low cost maintenance, maintenance not affect production

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  • Senad Robot(Shanghai)Co.,LTD. 
    Founded in 2012,sanad is a national high-tech enterprise,with machine vision technology as the core,through deep learning algorithm,image processing algorithm,pattern recognition algorithm,video analysis algorithm,arm/FPGA/DSP embedded software and hardware development .industrial visual positioning .visual tracking,visual detection,multi-sensor information fusion and other technical means,in the field of smart logistics,we have found a suitable application scenario of machine vision to realize “machine generation”reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises ,and empower the smart logistics industry.
    Continue R&D and innovation in the fields of smart factory and smart storage,so that the logistics industry and manufacturing industry all over the world can enjoy the achievements of Chinese science and technology!
    Our Factory:                                                                                                 
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    Q1: Is it your standard model?

    A: Yes, it is. We have standard products as well as free custom solutions
    Q2: Does it require further assembly after it arrived at site?
    A: No need, the machine has been fully assembled, commissioned and tested before shipment.
    Q3: Is it easy to operate?
    A: Yes, the oepration system and computer system can be writen in English. After opening the Vision App, the machine starts to work. The real time working status, measuring area and photoing parts, data list, barcode suppimentary input, internet connecting status and functions option frame can be clearly seen in the operatiion interface. The operator is to put the parcels/packages only.
    Q4: How do you provide remote service when there’s an error?
    A: There is a remote App on the desktop of PC. Open this App, the system will issue a ID and passwork, send the information to our engineer and cooperate the engineer to do the debugging.
    Q5: What’s the lead time for this model?
    A: It is produced every month. You can check with our sales engineer if there is stock. Otherwise, the lead time is 15-30days.


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