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Hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line

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This E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line is a standard automated sorting configuration for warehouse automation solution. It has become a popular tool applied in and suitable for most of the developing E-commence companies and Courier Express stations. It is designed specially to integrate with and collect the parcels and packages information at a conveying condition. The hot sale model has two wheel sorters which can sort parcels to five exits. 

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What's the E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line?
This E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line contains four different handlign stages, there are accelerating stages, weighing scanning and dimensioning stage, conveying stage during data processing, and the parcel sorting stage. These stages are worked in linkage, which allows the system always weighs one parcel every time and sorts the parcels to their designated destination exits.
Usually before this sorting, there is a feeding conveying, or packing stations, or truck container unloading conveyor.
When the parcels are moving on the conveying line and have one parcel on the weighing platform, the system will start to scan the parcel barcodes, get the weight and take photo, after then, the parcel will move on and marching forward to its allocated exit port.

What are the functions of the hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line?
This is a practical tool for parcel information collection and parcel sortation. Its multiple functions are as below:
1. Code reading: 1D/2D codes are both readable.
2. Parcel weighing: belt conveyor scale.
3. Photo capturing: High solution photos are taking.
4. Data list uploading: The collected parcel information is listed in an excel file and able to send to host system.
5. Parcel sorting: The machine is able to sort to eight sorting ports in total.


The static DWS system weighing scanning machine can be used at different applications such as:
1. Courier Express warehouses and/or receiving and dispatch centers
2. E-commerce order distribution
3. 3PL management

Technical Parameter

Item reference
Main function 1D/2D code scan; dimension scan; weighing; sorting control; data uploading
Application  Area Courier & Express, E-commerce, 3PL warehouse, Automation; Supper market & Grocery storage, etc
Package  type Carton, box, Express poly bag, thick envelope, irregular objects etc
Scanning  size 80* 80* 20mm ~ 600* 600* 800 mm  L*W*H Customized
Weighing  range 0.1~60 kg
Scanning efficiency 3,000~3,500 pcs/H
Code accuracy 99.99%(code sheet clear and complete without wrinkles)
Weight error ±20 g (based on 60kg)
Volume error ±10 mm
Assemble line width 800/ 1000/ 1200 mm
Sorting  Routes 5 ports (more ports are flexible be added);
Code reading Direction Top side, 3-side, 5-side, 6-side available
Light condition Out of direct sunlight or indoors
Code Type Code128,Code39,Code93,EAN 8,EAN13,UPC-A,ITF25,Codebar;QR Code, DM code (ECC200)
Software type Senad DWS software;
Support  system Windows 7/10 32/64bits
Software interface HTTP; TCP; 485;

Note: we provide customize service based on your package sizes and weights.

Our advantages of Automatic parcel sorting system?
1. Modular design
2. Easy maintenance
3. Durable in use
4. Stable running
5. No installation on site

Hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line2
Hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line5
Hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line6
Hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line4
Hot sale E-commerce DWS system parcel sorting line3

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