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2 Sorting Operation Modes

In the introduction to the general process of smart logistics sorting equipment operations, we have briefly explained that there are two main methods of sorting operations: picking by order and batch picking.

Picking by order and batch picking are the two most basic picking methods. Based on the basic methods, the following two methods have been derived: integrated picking by order and composite picking.


1. Consolidated picking by order

This type of picking is mainly used when there is only one item per order in a day. In order to improve distribution efficiency, orders from a certain area are integrated into a single picking order, and after a single picking, the bundle is centrally shipped out of the warehouse, which is a variation of picking by order.

2. Composite Picking

Compound picking is a more flexible picking method, a combination of picking by order and batch picking, which determines which orders are suitable for picking by order and which are suitable for batch picking based on the order item, quantity and frequency of release. This type of picking allows the advantages of various picking methods to be more fully exploited and their shortcomings to be avoided.

From the perspective of manpower requirements, the vast majority of sorting centers are still labor-intensive industries, with the manpower directly related to picking operations accounting for more than 50% of the total picking operation time, and the proportion of picking operation time to the overall distribution center operation time is 30% to 40%. This shows that reasonable picking operation methods, suitable picking equipment, and reasonable planning of picking operation systems have a decisive impact on the efficiency of distribution center operations.

The concept of intelligent logistics sorting equipment operations is reflected in the fact that the flow of goods from the production plant to the customer is always accompanied by changes in the quantity of goods and the state of the goods collection. Therefore, the flow of goods in the process of sorting, integration of supply units or disassembly of assembled units of goods, which makes sorting operations in logistics activities irreplaceable and important.

Post time: Nov-16-2022