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A “Magical tool” of logistics and e-commerce peak seasons

The necessary “Magical tool” of logistics and e-commerce peak periods
With the rapid development of logistics and e-commerce, the traditional manual separation and arrangement of packages has gradually led to the emergence of problems such as package accumulation and increased pressure on warehousing and distribution, which has become a main pain point in the improvement of sorting efficiency in the logistics and e-commerce industries.

Now there’s a magical tool coming up to solve this problem. Senad developed a machine to separate the parcels huddled on a conveyor, and let them queued and conveyed in order.

The equipment is composed of a single package recognition vision system, separation section, and a gathering section. The main function is to array, differ speed and separate the huddled packages in single piece separation section, gather gradually the separated package in a middle line and control conveying their speed in gathering section with the help of a gathering conveyor. The modular design of the equipment makes it powerfully expandable and can be connected to DWS equipment and automated sorting equipment.

The smart parcel single piece separation equipment supports various types of packages such as soft bags and luggage. The smallest parcel: L50 * W50 * H50mm, the largest parcel: L1200 * W1200 * H800mm, the maximum load is 60kg, the efficiency can reach 5000+ pieces per hour. Package information is stored in picture and document formats.

The rapid development of online consumption makes logistics and e-commerce urgently need to get rid of manual sorting and parcel separation. Intelligent single piece separation equipment will be an effective “magic tool” for them to deal with the peak of parcels.

Post time: Dec-10-2021