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Forklift AGV-Automated warehouse machine

The laser forklift AGV is composed of a vehicle body, a controller, a driving wheel, a laser navigation sensor, and an obstacle avoidance sensor. The forklift AGV can directly fork the pallet or product and leave by itself, freely arrange its walking route according to the environment, and place the pallet or product in the designated location planned in advance. Forklift AGVs are mostly used in industries such as logistic and warehouses.

Forklifts have both handling and stacking functions, so they have natural advantages in some scenarios. With the continuous changes of labor, safety, cost, technology and other factors in recent years, industry insiders point out that forklift AGV is likely to become the next growth point of AGV industry in the next few years, just like Kiva before. Forklift 

AGVs mainly include:

1、Stacking type, handling and stacking on platforms of different heights, suitable for single side, Chuanchuan pallets and class materials.

2、Balanced weight type, no rear legs compared to stacking type. Can handle double sided pallet.

3、Forward-moving, collapsible station and arm guard for flexible access in narrow channels.


The irreplaceability of forklift AGV

In the three scenarios that forklift AGV is good at, such as high warehouse, receiving area outside the warehouse and production line transport, forklift (predecessor of forklift AGV), drum line (suitable for flat goods transport and multi-variety common line split transport products), shuttle car (trolley running on fixed track) and RGV (trolley trolley with rail) all have certain market shares at present.

But as the technology of forklift AGVs continues to improve and costs continue to fall, it can be said that there is not much time left for other means of transport.

First of all, compared with traditional forklift trucks, forklift AGVs can reduce site injuries, prevent dangerous incidents, and will not affect other traffic. Although the necessary training and certification have now improved the safety of forklift operation, many accidents still occur.

An estimated 100 workers are killed and 20,000 seriously injured each year in forklift related accidents in the United States. By integrating safety into automated forklifts, accident rates can be significantly reduced.

Compared with drum line, shuttle car, RGV, forklift AGV is irreplaceable. The first is the vehicle restrictions, Tian word support and Chuan word support, this standard pallet, can only use unmanned forklift; Secondly, the rest of the transportation equipment route is fixed, can only be driven in the place of track, the product is not flexible enough.

In addition, compared with the rest of the AGV equipment, forklift AGVs can directly use the pallet without the need to purchase additional shelves, intangible for the enterprise to reduce a large amount of expenses.

Finally, the upper limit of forklift AGV is the highest. With continuous technological improvement, truly efficient work can be carried out, especially when the distance between A and B in the work site is long or complex navigation is involved, forklift AGV can bring more convenient manpower management.

As an important part of AGV, forklift AGV plays an irreplaceable role in heavy load, special handling and other scenes. Ordinary AGVs can only undertake point-to-point logistics handling, while forklift AGVs can complete docking in multiple production links, and achieve multiple functions in various production scenes such as production line, warehouse, library, vault and station, according to different requirements of import and export, production line, up and down line, assembly line, transmission line, station, shelf and operation point.


Post time: Mar-14-2023