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How to improve sorting efficiency? Senad’s singulator to help you out

With the growth of e-commerce, the parcel handling volume and distribution speed of the logistics industry have increased rapidly, which is attributed to the large-scale application of automatic sorting equipment.

In more and more express sorting centers, advanced automatic sorting equipment has replaced the traditional manual sorting assembly line, enabling “manual sorting” changed into “intelligent sorting”. Among them, singulator, which can automatically sort messy express parcels, has entered our field of vision and become the mainstay for many express enterprises to meet the Double Eleven test.


Senad’s singulator adopts AI visual target positioning technology to accurately identify and sort parcel position information uniquely according to dynamic imaging, and realize parcel separation by virtue of highly sensitive independent movement of the control unit, with an accuracy rate of 99.99%, ranking first in the industry.

The core of the singulator, AI visual target positioning technology, takes WZ-GE industrial camera as its core, integrates deep learning, image splicing, drive control and other algorithms, and can accurately locate the parcel positions and output them evenly at sequential intervals, so as to accurately locate parcels in real time.


The equipment has the following advantages:

Accessibility recognition

Based on powerful algorithms, it can achieve accessibility recognition of difficult-to-measure items such as envelopes, waterproof bags and black express parcels, with recognition accuracy up to 99.5%;


High precision, high efficiency and stability

It can continuously run 24 hours with efficiency up to 7,200 pcs/h (the highest in the industry), making the sorting efficiency increased by more than 80% in combination with parcel separation and distancing functions;


 High expansibility

It supports multi-camera splicing, to meet the need of different fields of view;


Flexible deployment

It has compact structure integrated with light source, with easy and fast installation and commissioning.


It is worth mentioning that Wayzim’s 10K singulator, which separates up to 10,000 pieces per hour, has replaced imported equipment for the first time in a key customer application scenario, providing a more efficient and favorable solution for the customer.


The singulator and supporting equipment for small parcels mainly include: spatial singulator section, horizontal singulator section, side/centered roller conveyor and spacing controller. Relying on the optimal technical solution and combined with intelligent control system, it can easily cope with sorting tasks with daily unit sorting volume up to hundreds of thousands of parcels by virtue of intelligent and standardized advantages.


The singulator is capable of positioning, separating, and intelligently lining up parcels, thus turning bulk parcels into a single row and forming a very neat “formation”, and together with large automatic sorters, it can achieve full automatic transfer and sorting, and successfully complete the order processing.


Post time: Dec-23-2022