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Senad explored AI face recognition body thermal measuring equipment to assist convid-19 Epidemic control

In February, the situation of the coronavirus infection was still severe, Chinese people were united in their fight against the epidemic. At this time enterprises were recovering to work one after another. As the number of returning workers was continuously increasing, it brings big challenges to the epidemic prevention and control in crowded public places such as companies, airports, stations, hospitals, schools, communities and shopping malls.

The commonly used manual temperature measurement method not only requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, but also increases the risk of infection to the on-site workers. The efficiency of manual temperature measurement is low, and in face of the severe situation, the simple handheld temperature measurement can no longer meet the demand.

Senad is a high-new-tech enterprise in Shanghai, focusing on mechanical vision for more than ten years. The number of R & D and technical personnel accounts for 30%. In face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, Senad actively deploys R & D forces to help front-line prevention and control and has successfully developed intelligent body temperature recognition system.

The intelligent body temperature recognition system utilizes the innovative integration of AI face recognition tracking and thermal image, intelligently bind face recognition data and thermal imaging data.

The accurate detection and real-time tracking of AI deep learning algorithm and accurate acquisition of infrared temperature measurement data make the system data more accurate and the system realizes long-term effective, stable and accurate operation.

This intelligent body temperature recognition system was made in the shape of door. When people getting through it, its face and temperature can be recognized and records in computer. There is a screen showing the real-time data. It was widely used in office building entrance and supermarket entrance after being put into market. Largely reduces the works, costs and efficiency in the epidemic control.

Post time: Dec-10-2021