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What is a Swivel Wheel Sorter?

A swivel wheel sorter is a type of material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to sort and redirect packages or products. It consists of a series of wheels that rotate to transfer items to different conveyor belts or lanes, sorting them according to their destination. The wheels can be programmed to sort according to specific criteria such as size, weight or destination. swivel wheel sorters are typically used in high-volume sorting operations and are able to process large quantities of items quickly and efficiently. It usually consists of a main engine and multiple sorting wheels, each of which has its own motor and controller to control the rotation of the wheel. The sorting wheel can be adjusted in angle as needed to guide the items to the corresponding conveyor belt or bucket. Typically, swivel wheel sorters can handle different types and sizes of items and can be flexibly configured as needed.

The advantages of swivel wheel sorters are high efficiency and precision. They can handle a large number of items in a short period of time and can accurately direct items to the correct destination. This makes them one of the commonly used equipment in the logistics distribution and warehousing industry.


swivel wheel sorters can be customized to suit different types of items and logistics environments. They can be configured with different sizes and types of pick wheels to accommodate items of different sizes and weights. In addition, they can be equipped with high-precision sensors and control systems to ensure accurate positioning and sorting of items, and can also be used in conjunction with other logistics equipment, such as conveyor belts, conveyors, and packaging machines. This can help improve sorting efficiency and productivity. The swivel wheel sorter is a high-efficiency, high-precision material handling equipment that is often used in the logistics distribution and warehousing industries and can be customized according to needs.


The control system of the swivel wheel sorter can be operated by computer or man-machine interface to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of sorting. These control systems can be configured as needed to meet the needs of different types of items and logistics environments. But regular maintenance and repairs are needed to keep it functioning properly. This can include checking and replacing worn parts such as bearings and wheels. It also needs regular cleaning to prevent build-up of dust and grime from causing damage to the equipment.


In conclusion, the swivel wheel sorter is an efficient and precise material handling equipment that can be customized according to needs, used in conjunction with other logistics equipment, operated through a control system, and requires regular maintenance and repairs to ensure its normal operation.


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Post time: Jan-14-2023