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What is a wheel sorter?

It is an important part of the logistics conveying automatic sorting system. Wheel sorter is mainly composed of conveying rollers, synchronous steering controller, transmission, and frame. During operation, the steering controller changes the direction of the conveyor rollers according to the instructions and information recognition issued by the management system, enabling multi-angle and multi-sided sorting of items on the left and right, and moving the items to the sorting conveyor. Wheel sorter automatic sorter can be used for product sorting, merging, positioning, rotation, separation, interval control, edge transport, etc. It is the most powerful sorting equipment used in the express industry today.

automatic sorting line


1. Small impact on commodities, gentle sorting

2. Fast and accurate sorting

3. Adapt to all kinds of commodities, as long as they are flat-bottomed commodities such as cardboard boxes and plastic boxes

4. There are many sorting outlets

5. Sorting capacity 3500-5000 pieces/hour (specifically related to product specifications and dimensions)

6. Conveying speed: 30-100 m/min

7. Maximum load 60kg/m


Application field:

The balance wheel sorter has been repeatedly tested and verified the stability and adaptability of its related technologies, and can be widely used in many industries. The most common mainly include: e-commerce, supermarkets, clothing, express parcels, books, newspapers, daily chemicals supplies, medicine, food and beverage industries.

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Post time: Dec-16-2022