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Why Do We Need Sorting In Warehouse?

Sorting is a system of properly categorizing a warehoused item by its characteristics and assigning an appropriate storage location based on those characteristics, along with methodical recordkeeping. It is a fairly straightforward concept, but it doesn’t always happen in practice, and when this vital ingredient in warehouse management is left to fall by the wayside, all kinds of problems can ensue.

Things can disappear in a system when they are not properly categorized, and finding them can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. If it happens once it is likely to have happened before and may possibly happen again.  Making sure that when things come in that they are correctly sorted, both in the physical space, and the records of them that you keep is an invaluable time saver and money saver.

The establishment of an advanced express sorting system, combined with effective throughput data analysis, not only can greatly save the cost, but also can greatly improve the work efficiency, more significantly reduce the labor intensity.

parcel sorting machine


Benefits of Automated Sorting System:

1、Capture Parcel Dimensions and Weight

Identifies the parcel dimensions and weight accurately. Dimensions and weight can be captured in as little as 100 milliseconds. Allows customisation of volume measurement algorithms
2、Customisation of Backend Flows

Includes an Administrative Backend that is compatible with open API connectors. Allows customisation of processes and workflow in the backend.
3、Intuitive Interface

Custom front-end user interface. Integration with mobile frontend. Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface for staff and operators.
4、Multiple 3D Camera Options

Having multiple options for 3D stereo cameras to pick from helps to control costs and ensures accurate measurements for all types of shipments.
5、Easy to Operate

Quick re-calibration module – simple to start for the operators even when the conditions of the environment alter
6、Extensible to integrate with existing WMS and sorting workflow

Have full control of your inventory – keep information organised, tracked, and documented. It speeds up logistics and operations with faster data capture, digitised process, minimising errors
7、Sustainable, End-to-End DWS Solution

Easily install and set up the system in a few minutes. Complete solution with barcode scanning for accurate and real-time static and dynamic volume measurement systems and cargo information processing.

Post time: Mar-11-2023