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Short Description:

Parcel separation system for logistics parcels is mainly composed of a scattering belt conveyor, a separation belt conveyor and a visual recognition system. The scattering belt conveyor disperses the packages from the upstream to both sides and slightly draws the distance, and then the separation belt conveyor draws and queues the packages. It supports seamless docking of various automated sorting equipment. Compared with traditional logistics manual sorting operations, it can greatly reduce manpower input and improve parcel processing efficiency. Mainly used to realize the automatic conveying and sorting of parcels.

Product Detail

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•  Features:

1、High sorting efficiency

2、Strong sorting ability

3、Compact structure

4、Modular structure


6、Wide range of applications

•  Application scenarios:

Upstream: The package is on the on-site conveyor, before entering the system;

Conveyor belt A: enter the system from the upstream, add a section of conveyor belt transition;

Dispersion of parcels: It is mainly used to spread the adhering parcels apart a little to optimize the separation effect of single-piece separation, and to prevent jamming when the parcels are congested;

Single-piece separation: separate the side-by-side packages to realize the passage of the packages before and after;

Centering device: Center the side-by-side package to ensure that the package is in the middle of the conveyor belt when passing through, and it can also have the effect of pulling the bag;

Conveyor belt B: From the system to the downstream, add a section of the conveyor belt transition, this conveyor belt can be used for the function of pulling the bag, or you can not add this section, the system can be docked with the downstream;

Downstream: The package leaves the single-piece separation system and enters the downstream, such as identification, sorting, etc.


•  Specification:

For reference
Main function
parcel/packs/package singulating, weighing, volume measurement and sorting; 
Package type
includign paper box, soft package, nylon bag, thin envelope etc. most of parcels;
Package size
L*W*H 50*50*10 mm~~800*800*800 mm(customization accepted);
Accessory equipment
Belt conveyor part in front ; Centripetal roller in the back;
Singulating efficiency
5,000~8,000 Pcs /Hour
Package abnormal rate
< 0.5%
Equipment size
L*W*H 1650*1290*2950 mm
Width of Assembly line
1000 mm
Working voltage
AC 380V/220V~~50Hz
Working temperature
Total power
25 KW
Software type
SENAD DWS software
Support system
windows 7/10 or above; 32/64 bits
Software interface
http; tcp; 485;


•  Why Choose Senad:

◆ High-tech manufacturer with research anddesign capacity

◆ Concentrated on DWS equipment and sorting warehousing system overall solution

◆ Related software and system are with patents

◆ Stable and mature supplying system

◆ Young active sales and engineers for instant services(16-20 hours online)

◆ Upgrading on mechanism according to ergonomics and easy maintenance

◆ Top quality sense, customers’ requests come first

◆ Our structure design principle: easy maintenance & installation, low cost maintenance, maintenance not affect production


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