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Pivot Wheel Sorter Automatic Courier Parcels Sorting Macine With DWS system

Short Description:

Wheel sorter is mainly composed of conveying rollers, synchronous steering controller, transmission, and frame. During operation, the steering controller changes the direction of the conveyor rollers according to the instructions and information recognition issued by the management system, enabling multi-angle and multi-sided sorting of items on the left and right, and moving the items to the sorting conveyor.
Wheel sorter automatic sorter can be used for product sorting, merging, positioning, rotation, separation, interval control, edge transport, etc. It is the most powerful sorting equipment used in the express industry today.

Product Detail

Product Tags

•  Advantage:

1) High Sorting Rate
Designed for high speed sorting operation on both sides at the same time. Maximum Sorting package can reach to 7200 pieces/hour.

2) Low Noise
Using new material and noise elimination technology good for environment, noise can be less than 75 db.

3) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
Light weight material, low energy consumption structure, low power and source power (conveyor) drive to achieve successful operation.

4) Flexible and Stable Sorting Operation
With online double-row swivel wheel technology, it prevents conveyed goods from vibration and damage stably and flexibly, weighting from light weight to maximum 50kg package.

5) Easy Layout and Maintenance
Counting on unit modular design and embedding combination structure, it is easy for sorting positions be placed at any point along both sides of conveyor line.Product is more reasonably, simply, conveniently used and maintained.
•  Applications:

E-Commerce reverse logistics

Retail returns

Warehouse & Distribution induction


 •  Specification:

For reference
Main function
parcel/packs/package sorting and classification
Package type
includign paper box, soft package, nylon bag, thin envelope etc. most of parcels;
Package size
80*80*20mm~~600*600*800mm(Above 800 mm must customize);
Width of Assembly line
Swing mode
Left, Right & Straight;
Rotation angle
Rating efficiency
3500 pieces /Hour
Working voltage
Working temperature
Total power
2.5 KW
Software type
SENAD DWS software
Support system
windows 7/10 or above; 32/64 bits
Software interface
http; tcp; 485;

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