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Senad DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports

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This static DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports is featured by its high cost effective in functional performance. It is a single machine but with full functions requested in parcel warehousing section. It collects the barcodes, weights, volume photos and photos of the parcels and packages, uploads the collected data list to host system, meanwhile, this machine can communicate with the host system or calculate itself to get a result of destination, then its belt conveyor will move bidirectionally to sort the parcels and packages leftward or rightward. 

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What's the static DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports?
This static cubiscan machine with two sorting ports applies Senad patented DWS system. It integrates the algorithms of visual code reading, 3D dimension measuring, weighing and data system communication, and other technologies.
The operation mode is that the operator has only to load a parcel manually. The system will automatically collect the parcel information and processing the data, and convey the parcel two the right port according to the barcode.
It uses high quality code reading camera, superior functioned linear measuring camera and high speed weighing sensor, durable conveyor belt and elegant bracket frame complying with Ergonomics.
This machine is able to handle about 1500 parcels an hour. Meets the requirements of small-middle scaled warehouses.

What are the functions of the static DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports?
This is a mature machine. It has stable function performance as below:
1. Code reading: Instant scan on the label of a package and read its 1D/2D codes.
2. Static weighing: conveyor scale.
3. Dimension scan: The linear 3D camera take the sizes of the visible area and generates L*W*H information.
4. Photo capture: The package barcode are readable from the captured photo.
5. Data list uploading: The collected parcel information is listed in an excel file and able to send to host system.
6. Parcel sorting: The system can communicate with users’ system and get the allocation of destination ports, then its conveyor belt run to the right direction.


Our static dimensioning weighing scanning machine can be used at the areas such as: 
1. Courier Express warehouses and/or receiving and dispatch centers
2. E-commerce order distribution
3. 3PL management

Technical Parameter

Item reference
Main function 1D/2D code scan; weigh; dimension measurement; photo taking, sorting to two exits
Application  Area Courier & Express, E-commerce, 3PL warehouse, Automation; Supper market & Grocery storage, etc
Package  type Carton, box, Express poly bag, thick envelope, irregular objects etc
Scanning  size From 50*50*20mm---500*500*500mm L*W*H
Weighing  range 0.1--30 kg
Scanning efficiency 1500~1800 pcs/H
Code accuracy 99.99%(code sheet is clear, complete without wrinkles)
Weight error ±10 g
Volume error ±10 mm
Light condition Out of direct sunlight or indoors
Code Type Code128, Code39, Code93, EAN 8EAN13, UPC-A, ITF25
Codebar; QR Code, DM codeECC200
Equipment size 770mm *650mm *2550 mm
Software type Senad DWS software
Support system Windows 7/10 32/64bits

Note: we provide customize service based on your package sizes and weights.

Our advantages of Static DWS system cubiscan machine with two ports?
1. Easy operation
2. Cost effective
3. Easy maintenance
4. Durable in use
5. Stable running

Senad DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports4
Senad DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports5
Senad DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports6
Senad DWS system cubiscan machine with two sorting ports7

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