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Static weighing scanning machine for logistics warehouses

Short Description:

It can collect the parcel barcode, weight in a second and capture the image of the parcel or package. This is a semi-automatic model. Manually load and unload the parcel. The system automatically read the parcel information in a second. The collected information is objective and accurate. Used directly in ship cost pricing system.

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Machine Description

The Static weighing and scanning machine is most economic choice for those companies that do not require to record the parcel volume dimension. It is used to scan the parcel barcodes and weigh the parcels. The barcode and weight information is listed in excel file and can be sent to the management system of the user company. The system can be Courier Express system, such as WMS, ERP and database.

The working efficiency reaches 1500-2000 parcel an hour. Configure the machine according to the daily output. The Courier Express and E-commerce warehouses have widely applied these machines to simple the process of parcel warehouse in or out, and improve the transportation speed, meanwhile to reduce the risk of human typo-error. Some large distribution centers had configured tens of this machines, and put them at the two sides of the feeding conveyors.

The handling package type includes Cartons, Boxes, Bubble polybags, Express nylon/poly bag, thick envelopes, irregular objects etc.


Functions: 1D/2D codes read, weight measurement, photo capture and data integration
Scan rate: 99.9%
Weight accuracy: ±10g
Working efficiency: 1500-2000pph


Our static dimensioning weighing scanning machine can be used at the areas such as:
1. Courier Express warehouses and/or receiving and dispatch centers
2. E-commerce order distribution
3. 3PL management

Technical Parameter



Main function

weighing and scanning;  photo taking; Data list uploading, 1D/2D code scan

Application  Area

Courier & Express, E-commerce, 3PL warehouse, Automation; Supper market & Grocery storage, etc.

Package  type

Carton, box, Express poly bag, thick envelope, irregular objects etc;

Scanning  size

From 50*50*20mm---500*500*500mm L*W*H

Weighing  range

0.04--50 kg

Scanning efficiency

1500~~2000 pcs/H

Code accuracy

99.99% (code sheet is clear, complete without wrinkles)

Weight error

±10 g

Light condition

Out of direct sunlight or indoors

Code Type

Code128, Code39, Code93,EAN 8, EAN13, UPC-A, ITF25, Codebar; QR Code, DM code (ECC200)

Equipment size

560mm *700mm *2350 mm

Software type

Senad DWS software

Support system

Windows 7/10 32/64bits


High quality configuration, economic, cost-effective

Static weighing scanning machine for logistics warehouses2

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