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Wheel Sorting Equipment

Short Description:

Senad carton envelope irregular cargo swivel wheel sorter machine for despatch sorting center

It is used to split parcel streams. Whether to sort out rejects or redirect certain parcels,this device is a good choice. The rollers are arranged in rows, allowing very flexible manipulation of transported parcels. It is typically used for flow splitting after the DWS equipment.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Speed 30-100m/min
Max weight 50KG
Capacity 2000-4000PCS/hour
Roller's material Soft rubber
Weight 230-450KG


1. Adaptable to multiple applications
2. Easy and cost-effective maintenance
3. Suitable for almost all objects with flat bottom
4. Highly reliable, automated, purely electric solution

Wheel sorter, also mentioned as line shaft diverter

Wheel diverter sorter is mainly used in logistics warehouse sortation and distribution. It can realize multi-directional intelligent sorting of parcels.

There are several rows of rubber diverter modulars. Runs forward and turns left and right.

It is suitable for sorting of flat-bottomed goods, sorting at the principle of weight and code according to the acutally requirement.

Main Features

1. Runs to three directions
2. Simple structure for easy maintenance
3. Low cost maintenance
4. Advanced world famous branded components
5. Easy operation

Product Parameters



Main functions

Parcel sorting & conveying

Package type

paper boxes; soft package; nylon bag; thin envelope etc.

Package size


Conveying directions

3 directions( left, right, straight)

Rotation angle

45°, 80°

Package weight


Rating power


Working voltage




Sorting efficiency

2,500--3,000 Ps/hour

Abnormal rate

≤ 1%

Trigger mode


Included parts

Electrical Roller,Servo motor,frame, PLC control system

Width of Assembly line

800 /1000 mm

Software type

SENAD DWS software

Support system

windows 7/10 or above; 32/64 bits

Software interface

http; tcp; 485


Modular design,independent work, separate replacement

Main functions

Parcel sorting & conveying, collaborating with Dimension Weigh Scan machines

After sale Service

Presales consultant & design
In-process inspection
Comission & test before shipment
Remote & Videos support
One year quality guarantee
Intelligent monitor cloud system

Wheel Sorting Equipment4

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