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The Leader of Manufacturing Automated Process Robots (APR).

SENAD is a leading company in manufacturing Automated Process Robots (APR). With the machine vision technology as our core value, we are specializing in producing the AI machines that can scan, grab/pick and sort through deep integration of AI algorithms, deep learning, image processing, recognition and other technological approaches.

Our automatic solutions are designed to replace traditional labor jobs in industrial production, warehousing and logistics sorting in order to achieve “machine replaces manual labor” for the customers.

SENAD continues to promote intelligent manufacturing in high-end manufacturing by realizing the productivity value of reducing labor, improving productivity, and reducing logistics costs to solve the problems of labor shortage, high labor cost, and labor limitations.

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With machine vision as the core, SENAD integrates multiple technologies to enable logistics to sort intelligently.

The eight AI oriented intelligent sorting systems make the logistics sorting from automation to intelligence. They also effectively solve the pain points of the logistics industry and promote the logistics industry to next level. Has make cooperation with DHL, EMS, Lazada, etc.

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SENAD considers machine vision as its core, combines multiple technology to achieve efficient connection of every processes. With an intelligent planning solution for the entire warehouse, it improves efficiency, reduces costs, reduces errors, saves space, and adds technological vitality into the intelligent warehouse industry.

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SENAD takes machine vision as its core and starts from intelligence, continuously researching automated vision inspection equipment and grasping systems that are suitable for industrial intelligent manufacturing.It is not only committed to improving industry quality, safety, accuracy, performance, and productivety,but also connecting intelligent single machines into a comprehensive intelligent factory production line with the ability of information exchange and cooperation.

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SENAD takes machine vision as its core, combining with vision material selection and detection systems, and robot grasping systems, to develop a vision solution for the entire process of new energy.   

This system combined with the SENAD automatic loading and unloading robot, can fully meet the production digitization and warehousing automation needs of new energy industries.

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Senad has its own product R&D team with complete, fast and efficient R&D capabilities.

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