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Founded in 2012, SENAD is a high-tech enterprise concentrated on R&D and production of high-end warehouse automation equipments.  With more than 100 patents and copyrights in independent research and development, SENAD has been recognized by the industry and partners by virtue of its excellent product technology innovation ability and market performance.

There are not only standard equipments but also customizable ones to realize different functions,such as high speed barcode scanning, weighing,  dimensioning, conveying and sorting, separating, as well as sorting integrated line system,etc.

These equipments take machine vision deep learning algorithm and robot motion control as the core, and adopt various cutting-edge technical methods to achieve the goal of "replacing manual labor with robot".These equipments are designed to enable companies to get rid of labor problems, disputes and losses caused by human errors and achieve high efficiency.

We pursue a win-win situation.Our mission is to make production more efficient for our partners.   We will continue to upgrade and develop the practical application of new technologies, providing our partners with high quality equipment and professional consulting services.

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SENAD has its own products develop team, integrating machine vision and motion control, relying on expert workstations for cutting-edge algorithm research, and independently developing multiple core technologies.  The R&D team has complete, fast and efficient product development capabilities, and is at a leading level in the industry.



SENAD has more than 100 patents and copyrights in independent research and development,at the same time,it has various certifications.It is one of the national high-tech enterprise, a Shanghai "special-precision and special-new" enterprise, a recognized unit of Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation project.


Senad Robot(ShangHai) Co., Ltd


Senad Robot(ShangHai) Co., Ltd


The company has successively established sales and R&D centers in South China and Central China. Customers include many e-commerce companies such as Dewu, Find Home Textiles, and Baicaowei, as well as logistics companies such as SF Express, JD.com, Cainiao, and Tongda. The company actively develops foreign markets, and its products are exported to Russia, Canada, Panama, South Korea, Chile, Singapore and other countries, and agents are established in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.


Senad Robot(ShangHai) Co.,Ltd