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301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt steel belt welded

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301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and can only be improved by cold deformation. The austenitic structure endows it with good cold and hot workability, non-magnetic and good low temperature performance. 304 steel thin section welded parts have sufficient resistance to intergranular corrosion. It has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing acid (HNO3). It also has good corrosion resistance in lye, most organic and inorganic acids and atmospheric water vapor.

The good performance of 304 steel makes it the most widely used steel grade. It is suitable for manufacturing deep-drawn forming parts and transporting corrosive medium pipes, containers, structural parts, etc., and can also be used for manufacturing non-magnetic, low-temperature equipment and components.

304L is an ultra-low carbon austenitic stainless steel based on 304 that reduces C and increases Ni. The purpose is to solve the severe intergranular corrosion of 304 steel in some conditions caused by the precipitation of Cr23C6. Compared with 304, its strength is slightly lower, but its sensitized state resistance to intergranular corrosion is significantly improved. Except for strength, other properties are the same as 304 steel. It is mainly used for corrosion-resistant equipment and components that need to be welded and cannot be solid-solution treated after welding.

The above two steel grades should be carefully selected under conditions that are prone to stress corrosion environment and pitting and crevice corrosion.

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What's the 301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt?
316—After 304, the second most widely used steel grade, mainly used in food industry and surgical equipment, adding molybdenum to obtain a special corrosion-resistant structure. Because it has better resistance to chloride corrosion than 304, it is also used as "ship steel". SS316 is usually used in nuclear fuel recovery devices. 18/10 grade stainless steel usually also meets this application level.

What is the 304 Stainless Steel Belt used for?
We can provide steel belt drying/baking/freezing systems. And the stainless steel belt also works for boiler pipes, marine structures, heat exchange system, photo industry
1. Food biscuit industry: width 180mm-1200mm cotton thread, nylon thread canvas belt, oven mesh belt, cooling oil injection machine mesh belt, flat turning machine stainless steel mesh chain, chocolate coating machine B mesh belt. At the same time, it produces type B mesh belts for egg spraying machines for biscuit machinery and equipment, type B mesh belts for meat conveying, and imported ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belts. And all kinds of puffed food baking copy net chain belt.
2. Glass industry: annealing furnace mesh belt, baking furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor mesh belt, mosaic mesh belt, specifications include crankshaft mesh belt, straight shaft mesh belt, diamond mesh belt, double-strand spiral mesh belt, etc.
3. Instant noodle and rice noodle industry: steamed stainless steel mesh chain, various oil boxes, drying hanging boxes, noodle knives, noodle combs, pivots, stainless steel forming boxes, etc.
4. Stainless steel conveyor chains, mesh belts, pivots, etc. for various frozen food and vegetable dehydration line equipment.
5. Stainless steel conveyor belts for high-temperature furnaces for various heat treatment machines are generally made of R25Ni 2 o stainless steel, IR20NI80 stainless steel, and high temperature resistance above 1000 ℃.
Undertake the design and manufacture of metal mesh chain belts for other flow conveying equipment.

301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt steel belt welded2
301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt steel belt welded4
301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt steel belt welded3
301 304 Stainless Steel conveyor belt steel belt welded5

Size Selection

Specification Designation:PN1250SA Designation:PN1350SM Designation:PN1550SM
Thickness Width Width Width
0.6 400-1500mm 400-1500mm 400-1500mm
0.8 400-1500mm 400-1500mm 400-1500mm
1.0 400-1500mm 400-1500mm 1000-3000mm
1.2 400-1500mm 400-1500mm 1000-3000mm
1.5 400-1500mm 400-1500mm 1000-3000mm

Note: we provide customize service, all the bottles will according your design to produce it.

Tolerance of steel strip thickness

Thickness Tolerance of steel strip thickness
10~150 >150~300 >300~450
0.03~0.1 ±0.005 ±0.005 ±0.010
>0.10~0.15 ±0.010 ±0.010 ±0.010
>0.15~0.25 +0.010
>0.25~0.45 ±0.015 ±0.015 ±0.015
>0.45~0.65 ±0.020 ±0.020 ±0.020
>0.65~0.90 +0.025
>0.90~1.2 +0.030
±0.035 ±0.040
>0.90~1.2 +0.040

Our advantages of 304 Stainless Steel belt? 

1. Food-grade Stainless Steel.
2. Stainless steel material SU316 or SU316L with higher corrosion resistance for low maintenance cost.
3. Custom-made size is available.
4. Perfect for food boiler pipes, marine structures, heat exchange system, photo industry.

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