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High accuracy DWS

  • High Precision Static Dws Equipment

    High Precision Static Dws Equipment

    The high-precision static DWS equipment can realize the functions of code reading, weighing, volume measurement and data fusion upload. The advantage is that the code reading can be used as both camera code reading and gun code reading. The minimum weight of weighing can be 5g, the weighing accuracy is ± 1g, the minimum size of volume measurement is 20mm × 20mm × 8mm, and the volume accuracy is ± 4mm.

    The operator places the package on the DWS workbench (which is equivalent to a static electronic scale). When the workbench weighs the package, the code scanning and volume measuring instrument on the upper end automatically scans and measures the package volume. The operator takes the measured package out of the workbench and places it on the container or conveyor belt. Can be connected to the assembly line, reduce the labor intensity of staff.