8-Port Cubiscan Sorting Conveyor Weigahing Dimensioning System

The 8-port static DWS system dimension weigh scan cubiscan is an all-in-one design. It works alone as a multi-functioned tool for parcel information collection, acted as a barcode scanner, a weighing scale and a dimensioner, a parcel sorter,as well as a data provider. The operator loads a parcel on the weighing platform, the system will be triggered to read the barcode, measure weight and scan the L*W*H dimension, as well as capturing photo and storage.The data are listed and uploaded to users’ system. The collected parcel information is objective and accurate. Used directly in ship cost pricing system. This is an solution effective in price. It reduces the labor costs and typo-error disputes in recording the barcode and weight information. Warehousing becomes much faster and easier for courier companies and e-commerce companies.

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